Cloud-based Track,Trace,and Manufacturing Software Supporting Cannabis Industry

Reduce Waste with Powerful Analytics

Demand Planning

  • Ability to plan in week blocks
  • Incorporate Lead times and Hold times
  • Auto-create purchase order and work order drafts
  • Ability to upload inventory and forecasts

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Purchase Orders and Receiving

Procurement Software

  • Track purchases, while automatically sending orders via email, EDI, even blockchain.
  • Receive purchase orders, mark as short, or flag an issuey.
  • Automatic Lot creation after receiving
  • Track price changes of supplier items, and more.
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Lot code management and Inventory tracking

Inventory Management

  • Track Lot codes, from receipt to sale
  • Inventory App and off-line mode
  • Track Inventory Transfers and Destroys
  • Search Inventory by location

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Track important documents   supplier certifications

Document Management

  • Track documents by Item, Organization, and Renewal Date
  • Get notified with documents need review or updating
  • Version tracking with ability to view history

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Bill of Materials - Recipe Costing - Ingredient Tracking

Manufacturing (MRP)

  • Create and track work orders and manufacture orders.
  • Track your ingredients and full-fill work orders
  • Plan work orders with our Demand Planning module
  • Features include custom fields, off-line mode, apps and more

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Trace Receipts to Sales

Traceability Software

  • 15 second tracing!
  • Search Backward from sales order (to see all purchased items)
  • Search forward from purchased item (to see all sold items)
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Seed to final product Traceability

  • 01


    Powerful Sales forecasting and Analytics which reduces waste, lowers inventory levels while ensuring that you never go out of stock.

  • 02

    Purchase & Receive

    Purchase items from suppliers faster than ever. Lot number creation and tracking included from receipt.

  • 03


    Plan work orders and sub-assemblies - fulfill them by selecting lots, faster and safer than using spreadsheets.

  • 04


    Automatically integrate with partner systems to populate sales orders. Allocation ensuring ever sales order gets linked to the correct lot.

  • 05


    We can now trace forward and backward giving companies complete traceability.

Tracking all the data you need

Cannabis ERP software

Easy to Use

Our responive design works on all devices and is intuitive to train all staff on.


Our software allows for custom fields and dashboards to meet your unique requirements.

Easy to Customize

Need a new inetgration? No problem customization is what we do as part of onboarding.

Powerful Database

Our system has been tested by large companies so you be at ease.

Well Documented

We provide documentation and how to articles so you can quickly get help

24/7 Support

We offer a ticket system available 24/7. Dedicated Account managers are offered as part of our larger monthly plans.

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